Professional script for HYIP

reliable. functional. agile
(2MB, PDF)

All needed functionality are already available

Incredible flexibility

System source code are completely open, and could be changed, without owner permission.Two basic libraries are coded with IonCube and domain-binded.

Safety proven by time

Constant updates

We are developing HS, adding new functions, increasing stability and reliability of work. Only in that way we could become a leader. Moreover, we're interested in your ideas and feedback, write us!

H-SCRIPT in numbers:

  • 23 498 lines of code
  • 48 pages of interfaces
  • 140 projects worked on CMS HS
  • over 80 new functions from HS-1 release
  • many web-studios work on HS on a regular basis
License for a domain only $149

Other products

No need to memorize, write, or remember passwords. H-KEEPER will make it for you

Best solutions for your investment business

  • responsible attitude to a task, respect to deadlines
  • consultations on your business dealing, permitting to avoid hidden rocks
  • perfectly coordinated team, able to cope with difficult tasks
  • work on our script H-SCRIPT, that we knew better than anyone, and after all, we just love it

All information from HYIP in convenient format!