19 сентября 2016, 07:41

- Added search for an investor by e-mail

- Information about upliner now available via the link from the profile of the investor
- Balance at API wallets always displayed, no need to press TEST
- Letter about the decrease of the balance of API wallets to a predetermined amount (mean you need to fill up wallets. I remind you that you shouldn't store at API the whole bank!)
- Added Coinpayments (payments in BTC and other cryptocurrencies)

6 июня 2016, 13:42

Skype — that's not a script support anymore. Do not work with him! It's a fraud!

4 мая 2016, 11:15

Added auto deposit/withdrawal for QIWI, it's exclusive only in HS!, we've created a merchant for regular QIWI wallet, now deposit and withdrawal could be made automatically for every QIWI wallet. Also added auto deposit/withdrawal for Yandex.Money and RUB accounts for ADVcash, NIXmoney, Okpay

26 февраля 2016, 09:40


- in case we have a problem with API key issue in blockchain, we've added Сoinkite
- added Payeer EUR, and the ability to simultaneously use different Payeer currencies

16 января 2016, 11:10

Fixed problem with RCB accrual in various payment systems in ver. 4 of script.

30 июня 2015, 17:59

All clients should update file lib/psys.php from new package from our site!

11 марта 2015, 08:34

Stable BETA of the new version of the script released. Please contact support regarding all questions.

14 октября 2014, 08:50


1 сентября 2014, 17:44

21 августа 2014, 05:58

Fixed manual accruals