21 октября 2012, 17:10

Planner module improved. Automatic updates for exchange rates.

19 октября 2012, 11:01

Installation module updated, because on several servers specific for MySQL
command were not executed. Deposits module was rewritten. Now "reinvest" changes
plan, if necessary. Error during checking if login/e-mail is already taken during fields
filling fixed. Other minor improvements added.

14 октября 2012, 09:10

Regular update with improvements. Now in admin panel there is information about
necessary updates. Language prefix in Text changed. Now it looks like:

5 октября 2012, 21:33

Very big update, so... Added very simple anti-DDoS protection againts "scholars" ;)
In main library fixed Text encrypting function (didn't work with utf-8). Those who
will be updating, also will need to reinstall configuration file. In deposit module added
option to make "postponed" deposits (in order not to be "flooded" at start). Statistics
added (with possibility of driving up the numbers). Finally module for internal
messaging is ready! Now users can communicate with each other.

23 сентября 2012, 19:00

Added "brute force" attacks protection. Added user's pages editor.

22 сентября 2012, 04:14

Added authorization through other services accounts, incl. popular social media.
Now you can form FAQ directly from admin panel.

16 сентября 2012, 15:57

Correct mail notification about operations is set

9 сентября 2012, 20:09

Added function of automatic withdrawal from balance. Some bugs are fixed.

7 сентября 2012, 19:49

Big update: Welcome page updated. Now you can change reinvest percent in active
deposit. Investor calculator added.

5 сентября 2012, 07:03

Fixed modules depos and captcha. Statistics added to cabinet module.