The script is fully decrypted and free. You can support our efforts to maintain and develop the project with a donation.

System requires PHP5 - PHP7.4 with modules ioncube_loader, mod_rewrite, mbstring, GD2 (rendering captcha) and cURL (interaction with payment systems).
To test locally you can use any virtual server. I personally use OpenServer.

  • Upload hs3 or hs4 script to the home directory on your server
  • Set permissions rights 777 to folder logs, module, tpl_c, _config (in folder module) and on files _config.php, cron.php
  • Create database in hosting control panel
  • Go to website - opens Configurator (../_cfg)
  • Set a password to access Configurator
  • In the Setup tab input system e-mail (for error messages) and database access parameters
  • In the Install tab check flag "Create and fill base...", select the script mode and fill Administrator's account settings

The script comes WITHOUT design. Any coder confirms that the "pull" design to a "naked" script is easier than to modify a "foreign" code.

The entire responsibility for the work rests solely within the HYIP admin. We absolutely do not take any legal, financial or moral responsibility