script for HYIP

Reliable. Functional. Agile DEMO version

All needed
functionality are
already available

over 30 payment system providers, many of them are working automatically (instant)

flexible settings of investment plans, option to set classic plan, or "money box" plan, floating percents, and many other options and combinations

ref. program accruals from deposit and profit, and also multi-level.

unlimited access to investor's account and balance

detailed project statistics, SMS confirmation, HTML e-mails

integration of any design, even sophisticated

Incredible flexibility

System source code are completely open, and could be changed, without owner permission.Two basic libraries are coded with IonCube and domain-binded.

Safety proven by time

Safety audit has been done for CMS HS. Protection against all known hacker's attacks (brute force, SQL injections and other)

Different wallets for deposits and payouts

Constant work on hardening

Constant updates

We are developing HS, adding new functions, increasing stability and reliability of work. Only in that way we could become a leader. Moreover, we're interested in your ideas and feedback, write us!

maximum setting flexibility

option for adding modules by yourself

professional support and time-proved technical assistance

popular cms for HYIP

ideal for web studio, offering HYIP projects development.

License for a domain totally FREE!

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